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My name is Beatrice and I’m a bit of a “health nut” as people call it. I like to take care of my body and keep myself in shape. And believe me, I really do like what I see in the mirror each morning when I sit naked in front of it. The effort is without a doubt worth it and I’d love if you’d give me your opinion on it! I’m an honest person and whatever you feel like talking about I’m here with a smile and an open mind to answer you. I’m the kind of girl that likes to let herself taken by the flow of things. So wherever you may want to lead us while in my room I’ll love following you there and making this little corner of our lives better and more beautiful one smile at the time. If there is one pet peeve that I have, that is it…that people don’t try to enjoy themselves with every occasion they get and don’t allow them to feel pleasure that is always just one small step away from them. So come on and let’s drop all those worries and get rid of our stress together. There is no better time than now to try and make all the things you dream happen. Let’s see where the “wave” takes us both and see if you love the place we end up together as much as I do.

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