Do you have a secret Taboo?

They say Taboo is something not acceptable to talk about or do. Not acceptable but from which point of view? Is something banned on grounds of morality or taste. But who has the authority to say which fruit is forbidden, it’s like explaining what is perversity which I say is something that you’ve done and on a point you regret it. All is in our minds, excepting the rules of morality imposed by the society, the rest it’s up to us to decide. What we ban out from our thoughts will be censored for our actions too, but only by us. And the more you speak with someone, or the more you read about something you thought is a limit for you the more you’ll understand yourself.

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So do you think the 18 year old girls for example should know much about sex or anything sex related ? But think about it, before they turned 18, it was cut off by low to even think about fucking them. Doesn’t meant that they didn’t think about sex themselves, and didn’t learned somehow about it. Common nowadays we learn about sex in school, but it’s one thing to see a cock on anatomy board then to see a big schlong getting huge in your mouth or in your hands. It’s called learning by practice, and what a practice.

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So some might say that even fucking on the kitchen table is forbidden, but why? Cause your mama told you so? Just imagine your hot babe surrounded by spices and groceries and both get to use those like smearing your bodies with sweet cream or mayonnaise or even tomato sauce and then lick it, just use your imagination and you’ll get a hard hard-on, ain’t ye? Or if you go out for a drink and you pick up a little cunt who’s willing to suck on your cock like in right there right now, you’ll think it’s not right because you didn’t get to know her better and invite her to dinner first, or you’ll take her to the bathroom without even asking for her name, cause might be a once in a lifetime occasion,and give her a good taste of what you’re made of? Always do what you want to do, otherwise you might regret it, we don’t live forever, you know what I’m telling you is right.

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If you’re an open minded person, but for some reason you won’t indulge yourself to do whatever you wish to do at least you get to watch others doing it without restrains by simply clicking here….That is not Taboo.


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