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The redhead jokes are off the table for now.  I’m perfectly aware that there are a lot of them going around.   And no, when you look in my eyes I am not devouring your soul, I am not a ginger demon. My name is Levina, but I also go by the name PerfectLexy on Livejasmin,   and I am 24 years of age. My life was different before I was made aware of the live cam world. I lived in the mountain area of Romania.  Long winters, cool summers, and grew up as a college girl with a passion for psychology. In the back of my mind, I knew I would end up working in the gardens of my family providing the village with food and wine we can sell in summers. Going to school was more to keep us of the street. While growing up in college I started to understand how people think.  This added a great value to my life, I started to discover more and more about myself. It became more than just a wish, I accepted slowly that my life is my hands, and I have to work harder than I ever did before. Now I hear you think that this is one of those standard intro’s and we all know how sad it starts and how perfect it ends. But this is not the case with me at all…..read more.

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